Arauzo de Miel is a small and quiet Spanish village. It’s located 70 km from the city of Burgos and 160 Km from Madrid. This village is set in a valley and surrounded by a beautiful landscape and hospitality of the people makes it an attractive tourist village. 

The village has an area of 57 km2 and has 420 residents but in the summer it increases up to 1000 residents approximately. (photo)


The average temperature is 4º C in winter and between 18º-24º C in summer



 Walking around the village you can admire its peculiar architecture represented by its typical houses with their outstanding chimneys (photo) . Some of its façades have got Latin inscriptions, the bullfighting arena was built, in 1957 and the Renaissance church was built in the 15 th century (photo)  Its leafy woods are full of pines trees (3964 ha) and they give the name of the area as the land of the pines.




Its famous and varied gastronomy is well known.  Especially noteworthy are its typical products as morcillas, pisto, the lambskin and the crayfish. (photo)


Easter is celebrated in Arauzo de Miel, with its Way of the Cross to commemorate Jesucristh death and his ascension to the kingdom of heaven, one of the most moving and relevant of the province of Burgos. The Way of the Cross is performed by all citizens of the village. (photo)

Another famous festival is celebrated in the month of august in honor of the blessed Virgin.(photo)